It's our choice too!

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By Naomi Gonzales

Change is definitely something that this country needs. During these past months this country has seen great change taking over.

A women was nominated to be a candidate for presidency and an African-American man might just be our next president. What’s even more incredible is that now, more than ever, people are starting to let their voices be heard.

About a week ago, Sen. Barack Obama’s wife Michelle came to Las Vegas to talk about this country. She talked about how her husband was the best choice for the country because he has lived as a middle class person, working as hard as he possibly could to get to where he is today.

As she talked, she talked from the heart. Every single thing that she said came from her heart, and she showed that this has to be one of the most important campaigns for the country. She addressed the people in the crowd and acknowledged all the young adults that were there.

As she said this, I looked around the stands and saw that there were so many young people there. In the stand with me,  there were a lot of kids from my school. That’s when I realized,  most of the young adults there were so young that they were not even eligible to vote.

Every single one of the kids had a voice and had something to say. But their voice cannot be heard because they can’t vote. I’m one of them. I’m not old enough to vote,  but I have supported Barack Obama since the beginning. Even in class we have discussions about the candidates Obama and McCain, and every single person in class has something to say about them. We get opinions of both candidates from our parents and from our influences in school.

I think that the voting age should be lowered to at least 17 because even as young as we are, we have a voice and we have an opinion.

We have so many students that know about the candidates and are well educated on the candidates plans for their presidency, shouldn’t it be fair to give them a chance to vote?

Many people don’t think that at the young age of 17, young adults don’t have opinions,  but we do! We are not ignorant about what is going on. I think many people are surprised to see so many young adults at these campaigns and working for the campaign headquarters.

We do have a voice and we want to be heard! It’s our future too — don’t you think we should be able to take some part in it?

Naomi Gonzales  is an Optic intern and a Robertson High School senior. She can be reached at naomig717@msn.com