Insulted by editorial cartoon

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I’m very displeased and insulted on the inaccuracy of that editorial cartoon published in the LV Optic on Jan. 18. First and foremost, my heart goes out to the people who lost their lives in the Connecticut slaughter and other victims of violence done by the very few mentally unstable people. One person dead, is way too many people dead.   

Regarding that cartoon, it is very misleading and it gives the impression that an assault rifle is a machine gun hunters use to mow down deer. That is ridiculous. First of all, semi-automatic rifles commonly shoot either 223 mm, 7.62x39 or 7.62x54 rounds.   They are totally inaccurate for distance because the round tumbles when it leaves the rifle. Because of such, no one hunts with an assault rifle.  

For clarification, people also need to realize that, with semi- automatic rifles (what most people own), one must pull the trigger for each bullet to fire. An automatic rifle (what licensed people and the military own) means one must hold down the trigger for continuous fire. Most civilians do not have automatic weapons. The ones who do go through an intense background check, then they need to get approval and licensed through the ATF (Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms), and if you have the money, the cost of a fully automatic weapon costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. Most people cannot afford that cost.

Purposely done so by the ATF. Usually only gun dealers and gun collectors own them.

Lastly, you need to reside in a state that allows the possession of a legally registered machine gun.

I personally have semi-automatic rifles I specifically use for target practice. When I go hunting, I use my bolt-action deer rifle. I have no desire (as most do) to use my target practice rifles for hunting.  

Gary Lucero