Including disorder wrong of the Optic

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Regarding the story “Eyesore on Tilden Street Torn Down,” Aug. 26 Optic story: The demolition of a person’s residence seems to me to be a sad event. The former resident considered this structure her home. I would surmise that she is not a person of financial means who could hire lawyers and fight for her  rights. On the other hand — if I had the friends that she does, including  caring church members, a group of professors at NMHU, kind community members not even known by the former resident who offer her rides when she is walking alone in the rain or snow — I would consider myself a blessed person. These  are the best friends — ones who do not judge by appearances.

I also want to again protest — for the second time, in print in your local paper — the  naming of a person’s “disorder” this time on Page 8 (I believe that a couple of years ago it was printed on Page 1). I do not understand why you would do this again. Do you think the former resident of this home does not have the  same deep capacity for regret, for sorrow, and desire for respect as everyone else? Would not your capacity for empathy and your recognition of another’s humanity lead you to say a prayer for all of us rather than write a front page “human interest/devastation” story about a member of the community?

Jane Gorman