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The Readers Forum could be an exciting place if more people knew it was here and became users.  As a start,the Optic could feature the forum in one of Tom McDonald's columns.  Then they could give the forum and the rest of the web site their own little blurbs in the "We've Got You Covered" ad and other house ads.  Then add location information for the web site to the obituary section, the individual columns, the editorials, and maybe even relevant stories.

I find the web site to be a great addition to my mail subscription to the Optic.  Today I looked up a real estate listing in the last Real Estate Guide (which I had thrown away, I guess).  Recently I tracked down the full listing of Heritage Week activities in May's "Destinations" special section, which got burried in the interim.  Sometimes I go on line to see a news story before my print copy arrives in the mail.  Obituaries are particularly time sensitive.  Every now and then I want to refer to an old column or editorial - or even an old news story - and they are all right there in the archives.  Searchable. 

The reader forum itself often contains stories not covered by the Optic, or information beyond that given in stories that are covered.  The forum would be much more useful if more people registered and participated.


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Eliminate the Ads

On my secreen, If I increase the enlargement to 150% the story is big enough to push the ads off the screen. Works like a charm! And the print is wonderfully big.

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Comment about the new on-line format for the Optic

The Optic is my source of information for what's going on in my former home town. I look forward every M-W-F to read the latest news/gossip/etc. taking place in Meadow City. My co-workers enjoy hearing about how so-and-so was arrested for the umteenth time for DUI and express concern for everyone having to endure the protracted drought.

All that being said, I am writing to express my displeasure with the new on-line format for the Optic. They took something that wasn't broken and fixed it! Perhaps it was to increase revenue (notice the ads to the right!) Too bad we can't minimize that sidebar.

With my impared vision, navigating the older on-line version was no problem. However, with the new version and all it's controls, reading the Optic has become more difficult and complicated.

"Progress" is "Progress" and probably, there's no going back.

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Couldn't Agree With You More, Harold...

All great ideas! This paper needs visionaries like yourself along with someone who has "Tunnel Vision" at the Optic...

I was told that if I moved back to "The Meadow City," my mind would turn to adobe mush, so I relocated to Raleigh, NC & from time to time, will put in my 2c worth, particularly in sports, or a category that may need some comment or suggestions.

Happy New Year! May this year be a little more optimistic; at least I would like to think so!