Husband’s firing was unjustified

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I wanted to write this letter of utter disbelief to inform the community of a  horrible injustice happening in Las Vegas.

Many of you know my husband “Officer Cruz.” He’s been a police officer for over 20 years. Recently, he was working at the New Mexico Highlands University Police Department under Chief Donato Sena.

You’ve probably read in the Optic that many officers signed a “Letter of  No Confidence” against Chief Sena. William refrained from signing the letter. He was a probationary employee and knew there’d be hell to pay, and he felt that many of the issues could be resolved if the chief would communicate and he had hope that it would happen.

On April 13, William would no longer be a “probationary employee.” Can  you guess what happened? On April 11, William was told to report to HR on  April 12. He was fired, effective immediately. No reason, no cause, no  anything! Twenty-four years of experience is not worth a damn to Chief Sena, I guess.

I am an optimist, I didn’t think Chief Sena would be such a tyrant! I urge  you to show support to the staff that remains at NMHU. They are being asked to do the impossible and being ruled by a dictator and a bully. Please call President Fries at 454-3269 and ask him to look closely at the actions of  Chief Sena. Not only around the termination of William, but everything he is subjecting the staff to.

Yolanda B. Cruz,