HU Athletics Should Institute Character Background Checks

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With the recent arrests of football and baseball players at HU,doesn't it make sense to have character background checks, whether men or women, of ALL student-athletes?

It would eliminate the red faces at HU and give peace of mind to all parents that their loved student-athletes are with those of high moral character!

Back in the mid-late 60's & early 70's HU was known to be an "Outlaw School."
Which meant many jocks had flunked out at other colleges before attending HU.
One who comes to mind was 3-time Little All-American football player Carl Garrett who was continually getting into fisticuffs & bailed out of jail. Garrett, since his NFL playing days, has been in two state prisons.

Its a process, in my opinion that's long overdue!Don't "Poke Along" on this one, Cowpokes! Mandate a character background check and strictly enforce it.

John O'Groats