Hold East district to same standard

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By Emilio Arago

Now that you’ve taken the West Las Vegas school system out “behind the barn” (your editorial of March 14), perhaps, in the interest of fairness, you can hold the other school system to your objective eye.

Why does Jay Quintana still have his teaching certificate?

Why is Jay Quintana not listed as a “sex offender”?

Why won’t current RHS board members respond to my query as to permanence of the tax bailout property owners were saddled with this past year?

Why isn’t anyone being held to account for the millions of dollars property owners paid out — for example, high-paid bonds consultant, superintendent, etc.?

Taxpayers are tired of being saddled with bailouts, while criminals go unpunished.

Some at West were held accountable. Shouldn’t the same standard be applied to RHS?

Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas