History of Las Vegas

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The history of Las Vegas and the surrounding communities is fascinating and should be discussed and commemorated more openly in the community. I am grateful to Jesus Lopez for writing a weekly article about the history of Las Vegas and for sharing his historical knowledge with us.  We will lose our identity, as Las Vegans, without a thorough understanding and appreciation of our history.  The history of this town is what makes us who we are today and must be preserved, not just physically, but in the minds of all Las Vegans. Therefore, I am creating this forum for people to discuss the history of the community and the people who have shaped this town into what it is today. I hope this forum will engender a lively discussion on the fascinating and unparalleled history of Las Vegas and the surrounding communities.

In addition, I hope people can share stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Please share your stories with all of us and help keep the history of Las Vegas alive.