The high cost of fishing

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Recently I was invited to go fishing, for opening day, at Murphy Lake. Before we left I did some figuring. First and foremost a fishing license is required. Spiraling out of control, one must now pay up to $40 for the license, which doesn’t guarantee a fish.

Your license allows for a five-fish limit, so don’t invite six people to your fish fry. Let’s not forget $20 for gas round trip. If you and your company don’t want to go hungry and/or thirsty, munchies and refreshments are a must, another $20.

Hopefully, you’ll have a fishing rod, but you’ll still need hooks sinkers fire balls and power bait, another $20. So, now, let’s go to the lake, but don’t forget to take $10 for a one-day pass or $20 if you choose to stay overnight.

So far this trip is costing me $130, and I haven’t even left my house yet. Instead I went to Wal-Mart and bought nine fish for $14. Coming home I wondered, what if I got stopped by the Game and Fish; would I be charged for having a fish in my possession without a license or for having four fish more than the legal limit? I laughed it off, after all they were store bought. (No limit.)

I can now see why so many people have taken up poaching. It seems the price of poaching is about the same as, if not less than, the price of trying to do it legitimate.

I’m wondering what else the Game and Fish are thinking up to charge us. I do realize that we have to pay for all their brand new trucks and quad-runners. Maybe charging for the use of their bathrooms at the lake will help their cause.

I never realized the state of New Mexico Game and Fish to be starving that bad. Maybe they should shut it all down and keep it for themselves, so we can sit back and watch their success dry up like McAlister Lake  

So many people I have talked to, have already given up on the great outdoors due to the many charges and expenses of this great outdoor activity. So good luck on your dysfunctional and greedy ways.

Marvin Maes
Las Vegas