For Herrera, Gurule-Giron

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Since moving back to our hometown, Las Vegas, we lived in Denver for 20 years and previously lived in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, we are very disappointed with the political morass so prevalent here. A good analogy is: There is only one bone in the street so all the perrada (dogs) jump in for it.

Don’t get us wrong, we were born and raised here and love it. It’s getting to be or already is a ghost town. Beside being happy here, we just think its so sad. We have lived in Santa Fe where we both worked for the state Department of Education. We can’t help but remember our old boss Thomas Wiley. At our age we are stuck here because of age and infirmities.

The purpose of this letter is to try and motivate people to vote. Not voting is part or all of the problem, it’s pathetic. Disinterest and passivity are rife.

We could us stronger words but that will suffice.

Regarding the two runoffs, we feel that the best choices are Tonita Gurule-Giron and Joey Herrera. Both have demonstrated their desire and their knowledge and are not self-serving. Need we say more!

Lucinda C De Baca
Las Vegas