Haven't I seen that before?

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By Naomi Gonzales

What are dreams? Scientifically, dreams are our subconscious mind that keeps playing in our sleep. But can dreams mean more than what science can explain?

The dreams we have can be a sign of good or bad things to happen. Sometimes even things that might change our life.

Some dreams are frightening and they can change how a person sees life.

Just like deja vu. Have you ever had deja vu and you know what is about to happen, so you say or do something that you’ve seen yourself doing? Is that our subconscious mind?

But have you ever had that deja vu when you know exactly how your day is going to turn out?

I have and that whole afternoon I could have sworn I’d lived it before. My cousins and I were at my cousin’s house when it started to happen. And for some reason it happened right as somebody was going to say something.

But it has only happened once. Every other time it has just been one of those deja vu things that only happen once in a while.

The first time was when we were outside playing basketball and my cousin was talking; I told him “Yeah, I know, you already told me” and he just looked at me and said “When? It just happened.” He thought I was kidding, and I told him that I wasn’t. I repeated his exact word and the words he was about to say just before I interrupted. He looked at me and said “Wow, that’s weird.” We just laughed about it.

But then his neighbors came over. We were just hanging out and his neighbors were sitting on his bed, while we were playing the Playstation. He was telling something to my cousin and I just looked at him and said “And now you’re going to tell him you’ve got to go because your uncle is coming and you want to go see him, right?” He just looked at me and said “How did you know that?” I told him that it’s happened before and he said no because he hasn’t seen us in a long time. He was really creeped out and so was I, I didn’t know that he really was leaving with his uncle.

So he left and I kept thinking about what had happened. It was weird, and I kept telling myself maybe it was just a coincidence because he did say he was going to leave a little later. But then again i did not know he was leaving with his uncle. My cousin made me his psychic for the day. Every chance he got he would ask me, “Do you know what’s gonna happen now?” I told him “no,” that it only happened once in a while and I wasn’t sure when it was going to happen. He gave me the look like “Yeah right, you liar.”

I fell asleep that night and had no dreams; the next morning was back to normal — I didn’t have any deja vu.

But ever since, every once in a while I will have deja vu. I won’t say anything just because I don’t want to freak out anybody else.

Naomi Gonzales is a Robertson High School senior and an intern at the Optic. She can be reached at naomig717@msn.com