Hail hits Vegas

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By David Giuliani

Shoveling your walk in late May?

That’s what happened for many in Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon after a hailstorm hit town around 1:30. It lasted more than an hour, and some areas of town were harder hit than others.

The marble-sized hail took down with it many leaves on local trees, and it’s likely that many gardens suffered severe damage.

Particularly hard hit were the the downtown areas of Old Town and New Town. Meanwhile, much of north Las Vegas was largely unaffected.

At Seventh Street and Lincoln Avenue, an estimated three inches of hail fell; a similar amount was reported in the Plaza area.

City and state crews plowed main arteries after the storm, and many walked through rivers of water on local streets as the hail melted. One driver reported that his car struck water up to his headlights near the city’s utilities office on 12th Street.

The hail followed several days of thunderstorms in Las Vegas. That was welcome relief for an area that been dry for months.

Most of the hail was melted by early Thursday afternoon, but some piles could still be seen around town.