Gurule-Giron right to ask questions

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Who is this Timothy Dodge to require that he censor questions presented by our elected officials? He must be reminded he works for the taxpayers of this community, and when an elected official requires questions of a staff member, he must be put in his place and reminded he does not run the city without guidance and consent of our elected council  members. Ms. (Tonita) Gurule-Giron has every right to demand answers to her concerns, especially in this era of secret hires — have you seen all the new hires at the city?

I just paid my property taxes — I am still smarting. Would our elected school board and school officials’ feet have been held to the fire, perhaps we wouldn't have the rash of scandals, budget overruns, and abuses we have seen — atop the nine or 10 other scandals our taxes are abused for.

Ms. Gurule-Giron should be applauded for her fiscal concern and oversight. We've had way too many bailouts, from Wall Street to Robertson High School, etc. I am glad Ms. Gurule-Giron is not waiting for the other shoe to drop, before exercising her responsibilities and fiduciary concerns.
Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas