Gurulé-Giron very qualified

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We the women of Las Vegas need to work for and elect one of our gender for mayor of this city. We have a golden opportunity by all of us getting together and electing Tonita Gurulé-Giron as mayor.

Tonita is very qualified and well versed, probably better than anyone around. Definitely we need a change if we want to better this city.

We have seen the good work she has done as councilor, despite the fact that she gets no help from the other councilors, except for one. I don’t think there is a better qualified person than Tonita.

We know what women can do. We read the newspaper and talk to our relatives and friends and every woman that we encounter. The infighting has to stop. We know that she can bring a meeting of the minds and create a better environment.

Come on, ladies, let’s show what women can do.

We have returned to Las Vegas (myself and husband) from the West Coast, this is our birthplace and we love it and plan to live the rest of our lives in this beautiful city. But things have to change!

Lucinda C de Baca
Las Vegas