A great experience at Alta Vista

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By Optic Editorial Board

About two weeks ago, at a women's’ meeting, the conversation gyrated toward medical care, hospitals, etc.

I mentioned that my husband, age 82, was scheduled two days later for a colonoscopy.

One of the ladies asked where the procedure would be done, Taos or Santa Fe. When I told them that we were going to Alta Vista, one would, judging by the expression of their faces, have thought that he planned to enter the Gates of the House of Horrors and deliver himself into the claws of some evil Klingon Creature.

Now consider this: When a colonoscopy is planned, the patient has, on the day before, to clean his system. No food for 24 hours.
Then he has to ingest a rather revolting substance which keeps him very close to the bathroom all day and night. On the day itself, he feels somewhat weak and then he is driven to either Santa Fe or Taos to undergo the procedure. After he wakes up from the anesthesia, he must make the long trip back home.

Now look at the alternative: I drove my husband to Alta Vista, 15 minutes from our house, our appointment was at 7 a.m. Check-in was done swiftly and efficiently, Dr. Sandy Brown, the attending physician promptly came to talk to us. All was over quite quickly, cheerful nurses brought him back into the waiting room and they instructed me that he would not be allowed to do dishes, vacuum or even so much as dust, for at least three months. Ha Ha.

Dr. Brown showed us films of my husbands “insides” and he was able to assure us that all was fine; we went home and by noon the patient was in his own bed for a well-deserved rest.

I myself have over the past 17 years undergone several surgeries, some at Northeastern and some at Alta Vista.

A good friend had, at age 81, both of her hips replaced on the same day, by the most advanced method not available in many other hospitals. She walked out of the hospital in less than a week, and has nothing but high praise for Dr. Paul Conescu and the rehab facility connected with Alta Vista. I fail to see why we should travel all over creation when we can get good care right close to home.
One of the ladies insisted that people die in this hospital; sure they do, but so do they even at the Mayo Clinic. That’s what sometimes happens in hospitals.

Let’s spread the news about the patients who have been helped and walked out of Alta Vista happy and well. It will, in the long run, make all of us feel better. I could go on and on about the pleasant part of Alta Vista but the Optic editor has put a restriction on the number of words we can submit to him.
Klare Schmidt
Las Vegas