Graduations, health fair keep valley busy

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By Ruth Fort

Spring is here and all of the great activities that go with it are in full swing. It is a happy, exciting time especially at the Mora Schools.


Last Tuesday, there was the Annual Health and Transitional Fair at the Joseph Montoya Gym. Many people from the community and the school attended the fair. The Mora/Colfax Head Start Program, Mora Valley Community Health Services, Mora Valley Health Council and School Based Health Centers sponsored the event.

Their purpose was to provide health screenings, educational materials and literature on health care and education from supporting industries for the children, families and community members. Thirty three agencies were present this year.

They provided a variety of free services as glucose testing, hearing tests, and blood pressure tests and free water testing for private wells.

The attendance was good for the event; 148 community members signed in besides the students from the elementary, middle school and high school who attended.

Mora Head Start completed the enrollment applications on site for the upcoming school year. That is not the end of the busy week.   

On Friday, every seat in the elementary gym, including chairs set up on each side of the “platform,” were filled with parents, grandparents and the community members to enjoy the children from kindergarten through fifth grades and the mariachi bands.

The program began with the beginning mariachi group singing and playing the instruments with skill and enthusiasm.

Followed by kindergarten students doing the traditional Marcha dance without a mistake. There were songs and dances for the next few grades. There were plays. One with the Native American theme “Levantando el Cielo,” and another play was “Hall of Fame.” The students did their speaking part without a mistake or use of scripts. A traditional southwest dance and “Marcha” was also performed by older students. The final performance was the older mariachi group.

Everyone left the gym feeling proud of the students and teachers for a great performance and entertainment. They can be proud of students who did their songs, dances and speaking in Spanish without a mistake.

The week ended with graduations. Luna Community had the most graduates ever. Some Mora High School students earned associate’s degrees before they even graduated from high school. Saturday afternoon many students from Mora received bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Highlands University commencement. Also some Mora residents also graduated from the University of New Mexico and other colleges in the state. We are proud of these hard-working students who go on to achieve their dreams.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may be reached at (575) 387-6523.