Good news from Alta Vista

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I happened to be a patient all last week at Alta Vista Regional Hospital. On Friday evening, a very nice woman came into my room and introduced herself as Maridel Acosta, the new CEO at the hospital.

She spent more than an hour talking with me about everything from the history of Las Vegas to Puerto Rican food to her great willingness to join this community to encourage Compassion (with a capital C) in our healthcare facilities here.

Compassion is clearly not just a word to her, it is a concept and driving force. She referred to it over and over again during our conversation.

This could not be better news for me and my fragile health, and for all of us in the region who depend on Alta Vista. Maridel is, in my considered judgment, a real and lasting asset to Las Vegas and all of us.

I urge each of us to get to know her, support her and work in harmony with her. Alta Vista got it really, really right this time in hiring her.

Robert Jones
Las Vegas