Go Fish - July 1, 2011

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Editor’s note: This fishing report, provided by the Department of Game and Fish and thefishphone.com, has been generated from the best information available from area officers, anglers, guides and local businesses. Conditions may vary as stream, lake and weather conditions alter fish and angler activities.

Fishing report, June 28

COYOTE CREEK: Flow is 0.83 cfs. Fishing is slow using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms.

PECOS RIVER: The flow near Pecos is 31 cfs. Because of a forest closure, fishing is allowed only in specific ares near campgrounds and within Game Commission-owned campgrounds, including the Mora, Terrero, Jamie Koch and Bert Clancy. For more information, please visit www.wildlife.state.nm.us. The water level is low and the fishing is good. Small to medium stonefly nymphs, small pheasant tails, baetis nymphs, caddis nymphs, and zebra midges are some of the fly choices. Of course spinners, worms, Power Bait and salmon eggs will work here, too. The river was stocked from the village to Cowles with 3,001 rainbow trout.

CONCHAS LAKE: No report.

MORPHY LAKE: Fishing is reported as very slow with only an occasional trout caught using Power Bait. The boat ramp is closed with the water levels 10 or more feet below the ramp.

SANTA ROSA LAKE: Largemouth bass were active around brush and large structures, try flipping tubes and jigs into them. Walleye are reported as good, although many are small. Bass are everywhere; try downsized crank baits and soft plastics around the points and on the flats. Crappie, up to 1.4 pounds, are hitting just about everything presented to them. Best bites came from tubes in the main creek channel off the bluffs. Catfish are very active as well using minnows and cut bait.

STORRIE LAKE: Fishing is good for trout using Power Bait, with many limits taken. Catfish are fair to good with chicken liver. 6,035 triploid rainbow trout were stocked two weeks ago and another 3,000 this week.

SUMNER LAKE: Sumner Lake State Park reopened for boating June 17 with new procedures in place to ensure there is no spread of Quagga mussel larvae. All watercraft will go through a mandatory inspection before launch and a decontamin-ation process upon removal. Fishing for walleye and bass is reported as good and catfish are being taken in the lake and in the river.

UTE LAKE: Fishing is good to excellent. Walleye are fishing good to excellent trolling crank baits over brush in 10-15 feet of water or try crawlers in 17-22 feet of water. White bass are fishing fair. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are reported as excellent and are hitting most anything thrown at them. For the smallies, try the top water early in the mornings and Senkos whacky rigged later in the day. The largemouth are on their beds in 4-6 feet of water. Crappie are fishing good up the Canadian around rock and brush and in the main lake coves using minnows in 2-4 feet of water. Catfish are good in 2-8 feet of water with chicken liver or stink bait. Fish near the reeds and brush for best results

CIMARRON RIVER: The flow below Eagle Nest Dam is 63 cfs and 50 cfs near Cimarron. Trout fishing is good in the early mornings and evenings with caddis flies, PMD’s, yellow or orange stimulators and bead-head nymphs. The river was stoked west of Cimarron with 2,426 triploid rainbow trout and another 400 at the gravel pits.

COSTILLA CREEK: The flow is 52 cfs near the town of Costilla and 49 cfs at the dam. Fishing is reported as good. Try using dry/dropper rigs with big attractors followed by bead-head nymphs or caddis.

RED RIVER: Flows are 35 cfs near Questa and 58 cfs below the hatchery. The upper river is reported as good for trout with caddis, parachute Adams, and bead-head nymphs. Fishing is fair for rainbows below the hatchery with bead-head nymphs and various flies. Bait fishermen might try spinners, salmon eggs or Power Bait. Lots of stocking last week: 900 triploid rainbow trout above Questa; 701 below Questa; 299 on the east fork; 299 on the west fork and 400 in the hatchery pond.

RIO GRANDE: Flows are 615 cfs near Cerro and 776 cfs below the Taos Junction Bridge. Fishing has been slow to fair. Your best bet is fishing the pockets when nothing is going on hatch wise. Fish big bugs like golden stonefly nymphs, crane fly larvae, or woolly buggers. Pike hunt by feel, so large streamers that move water will get a pikes attention. No reports on bass.

RIO HONDO: The flow is 38 cfs and fishing is good for trout using dry/dropper rigs with stimulators on top and copper johns or caddis below. The river was stocked 189 triploid rainbow trout.

RIO PUEBLO: The flow is 8 cfs. Fishing is reported as good for brown trout with caddis or copper johns under a stimulator. Some hopper action has been reported. 1,202 triploid rainbows were stocked two weeks ago.

CABRESTO LAKE: The lake is closed for repairs to the dam.

CHARETTE LAKES: Fishing is very good for stocker-sized trout with many limits reported. Power Bait and Panther Martins are most successful. Perch are good using small lures. 2,499 triploid rainbows were stocked in the lower lake two weeks ago.

CLAYTON LAKE: Fishing for trout is reported as good using chartreuse or rainbow Power Bait and worms. Bass and walleye are slow.

EAGLE NEST LAKE: Fishing for trout is reported as good from shore with salmon-peach Power Bait and salmon eggs. Fly fishermen are having success with midge patterns and olive or black woolly buggers. Trolling is great for trout and salmon using light weight tackle. Perch are good to excellent off the bank when using worms. The lake was stocked with 4,000 triploid rainbow trout.

LAKE ALICE, LAKE MALOYA: Sugarite Canyon State Park has been closed due to the Track Fire. Watch for re-opening soon. Park officials are in the cleanup and recovery process and will reopen the park when it is safe for visitors.

MAXWELL LAKES: The water level is low at Lake No.13 and fishing is sporadic with an occasional trout landed. Best success is reported with Power Bait, worms, spinners.

SHUREE PONDS: Reopens Friday. Ponds have been stocked with 367 triploid rainbow trout.

SPRINGER LAKES: Fishing is reported as good for pike up to 26 inches with large Mepps spinners, cut bait and minnows. Largemouth bass are slow using spinners Water levels are dropping due to irrigation so conditions are changing daily.