Go Fish - Aug. 29

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Fishing report, Aug. 26
This fishing report, provided by Bill Dunn and the Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from area officers and anglers.
Charette Lakes: No reports.
Cimarron River: Stream flow below Eagle Nest on Monday was 12 cfs. Trout fishing was good using Royal Wullfs, parachute Adams, stimulators, salmon eggs and worms. Fishing at the Gravel Pit Lakes was fair using Pistol Petes and Power Bait.
Conchas Lake: Fishing was good using slab spoons, topwater lures and crank baits for white bass. Fishing for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass was slow to fair using crank baits, jerk baits, tubes, grubs and topwater lures. Night fishing for catfish was fair using liver and shrimp over baited holes. Surface water temp was in the mid to upper 70s.
Coyote Creek: Fishing was slow and fishing pressure was light.
Eagle Nest Lake: Hot spot for perch: Perch fishing continues to be the hot ticket here as anglers did very well again this past week. Fishing was great from the shore and from anchored boats. The best bait was worms. Fishing was fair using Platte River specials, Panther Martins and Z Rays tipped with Power Bait for rainbow trout and an occasional kokanee. Fishing for northern pike was slow. The 22nd Annual Fish Fest will be Sept. 20-28. For details call 575-377-6941.  
Gallinas River: Trout fishing was fair to good using worms, salmon eggs and bead-head hares’ ears.
Monastery Lake: Trout fishing was very good using midges, hares’ ears, Power Bait and salmon eggs.
Morphy Lake: Fishing was slow.
Mountain View Ponds: Trout fishing was very good using salmon eggs, Power Bait and worms.
Pecos River: Water flow near the town of Pecos on Monday was 55 cfs. Trout fishing was good using worms, salmon eggs, royal humpys, elk hair caddis, San Juan worms, bead-head hares’’ ears and pheasant tail nymphs. Anglers reported catching large numbers of rainbows and just a few browns. No reports on catfish.
Rio Mora: Stream flow near Terrero on Monday was 12 cfs. Trout fishing was good using San Juan worms, elk hair caddis and hares’ ears.
Rio Pueblo: Stream flow near Penasco on Monday was 8.7 cfs. Fishing was good using hares’ ears, royal humpys and San Juan worms for trout.
Santa Rosa Lake: Fishing was fair using live crawdads, cut bait, small jigs and minnows for a mixed bag of crappie, walleye, smallmouth bass and catfish. Fishing was good using cut bait and worms for carp
Springer Lake: Fishing slow to fair using cut bait and chicken liver for catfish.
Storrie Lake: Trout fishing was fair to good using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms. No reports on other species.
Ute Lake: Hot spot for white bass: Fishing was described as excellent by anglers fishing for white bass and using slab spoons. A few fish were also taken by anglers trolling crank baits. The white bass were schooled at the mouths of coves and suspended at 15 to 17 feet over 30 feet of water. Fishing was slow to fair using blade baits and slab spoons for walleye. Fishing for all other species was slow. Surface water temp high 70s.
— New Mexico Game & Fish