Give Grande, Las Vegas

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By Optic Editorial Board

Nonprofit organizations play such a vital role in every community throughout this nation. In some instances they serve as a safety net, engaging in such activities as providing meals to the hungry and shelters for the homeless. In other instances, they serve as advocates for important causes like revitalizing a city’s downtown district and helping out troubled or abused kids.

In almost every instance, they enrich our communities.

On Tuesday, we will each get the opportunity to help out some of the nonprofits that give tirelessly to our community day in and day out. From 12 a.m. through 11:59 p.m. on that day, donors will be able to go to www.givegrandenm.org and make a donation to any one of more than 400 nonprofit organizations in New Mexico. The Give Grande New Mexico campaign, organized by the Community Foundation Coalition of New Mexico, is part of the national Give Local America event.

Las Vegas and San Miguel County nonprofits participating are:
• Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance
• Bernal Community Center
• Comedor de San Pasqual
• Fourth Judicial District CASA
• Jaycees of Las Vegas
• Las Vegas Arts Council
• Las Vegas Citizens Committee for Historic Preservation
• Samaritan House, Inc.
• MainStreet Las Vegas
• Ride to Pride Partnership Inc.
• Affair Educational Center for Arts and Cultures

Each one of these organizations plays an important role in our community and deserves our support. The Fourth Judicial District CASA program, for example, provides advocates for children who are being abused. The organization trains volunteers to be the voice for these children during court proceedings. Comedor de San Pasqual feeds the hungry.

Samaritan House provides shelter for people down on their luck. MainStreet de Las Vegas champions projects that will vitalize our city’s main street districts. The Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance is working to restore the health of our watershed.

Every one of these local organizations participating in Give Grande New Mexico has carved out a niche and is working hard to make our community a better place.

Best of all, the Northeastern Regional Community Foundation has pledged to match donations made on Tuesday to these area nonprofits. The organization says it will contribute up to $3,000 toward the donations made to the area nonprofits.

The Northeastern Regional Community Foundation will also be providing one of the nonprofits with a $1,000 gift. The nonprofit will be drawn at random.

There are many other nonprofits participating in Give Grande, including several that benefit the Mora County area. They include nonprofits like the Historic Mora Valley Foundation and A Veteran Affair Educational Center for Arts and Cultures. Go to www.givegrandenm.org to choose which nonprofits you want to support.

Most of us in this community aren’t wealthy, but chances are that we can afford to give a few bucks. Whether you end up contributing $5 or $100, know that every dollar donated will make a difference.

Let’s dig deep and contribute to these important nonprofits.