Giuliani just won’t leave us alone

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Here I thought we got rid of (former managing editor David) Giuliani’s biases and bigotry, but it would seem he will continue to haunt Las Vegas even unto the grave.

We’ve got school-imposed million dollar property taxes, sodomy charges, administrative malfeasance, coaches without certificates, (alleged) statutory rapes, teacher reassignments, million dollar sodomy judicial awards, teacher/student sex scandal, etc., but Giuliani chooses to remind us, from his new state of residence, how much he hates West Las Vegas and its school system (see Optic letter to the editor, Sept. 2).

One would think he would stay busy in the big town of Sterling, Ill., but he’s got to rear his big biased head to cite a story he says (shows) “... newspapers are desperately needed.” It would appear his newspaper doesn’t have enough to do in Illinois — he’s got to “report” on little ol’ Las Vegas.

Perhaps he fell so in love with our enchanted and enchanting little town, he just can’t get us out of his mind. Many in our little town would like to get him out of our mind — if he’d only let us. “Out of sight, out of ...”

Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas