Getting richer on Americans’ backs

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Where are the jobs?

I am getting sick and tired of Republicans, and now even some Democrats, blaming President Obama for the U.S. job situation. When the Democrats tried to raise taxes on the rich to help balance the budget, the Republicans and the rich stopped the plan cold by saying, “The rich people are the ones who create jobs with that money.” It has been 3-1/2 years since Obama has been in office, and the rich have yet to create any jobs with all that money they kept. They keep ordering more products from China and blaming Obama for the mess while throwing all possible obstacles in his way, limiting his ability to create programs that could help the economy.

The rich got rich on the backs of the average American. We buy their goods and services, and thus have become their vassals. Historically the Republicans have gotten elected by promising lower taxes if elected. Once elected, they quietly borrow money to run the government. A good percentage of our taxes now go to paying interest on borrowed billions. It is cheaper to pay taxes to run our government than it is to borrow money and pay interest.

Look at the growing disparity in the incomes of the rich versus the middle class. The rich and most Republicans say the poor are poor because they are lazy. Prejudice is alive and well in the U.S., and only exceptional minorities can manage to rise above the clamor of the downtrodden. Opportunity for minorities in the inner cities is mostly zero to none, and more than 30 percent of students do not graduate from high school. America the great is rapidly becoming a third-rate country while the rich grow richer and the rest of our citizens coalesce into a growing mass of unfulfilled humanity.  

Chris Gallegos Sr.
Las Vegas