Gazebo’s X-mas lights vandalized

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By The Staff

It’s the case of the grinch who attacked the gazebo.

A vandal or vandals struck Plaza Park Monday night or early Tuesday morning, ripping down Christmas lights that had been hung around the bottom part of the gazebo and slicing through the wiring of the color light sets.

City workers discovered the vandalism Tuesday morning.

“We’re just really disappointed because we heard so many comments from people who were happy that we did that this year,” said Lindsey Hill, the city’s film liaison and event planner.

City workers installed the decorations at the Plaza and along Bridge Street last week.

In fact, the city decided to add more decorations in those areas this year. The lights that were destroyed were new.

She said that for now, the city will leave the lights and other decorations on the top portion of the gazebo, but if those are vandalized too, they will be taken down and not replaced, given the expense involved.

It’s unclear whether the vandalism was captured on the city’s surveillance cameras that were installed near the park last summer.

Las Vegas Police Chief Christian Montaño said his office is looking into it.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to contact the Las Vegas Police Department at 425-7504.