Gaza Monologues were powerful

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I went to the United World College on Oct. 17 to attend a theater event called The Gaza Monologues. These are stories written by Palestinian children.
As a Jewish woman, I wasn’t sure how I would react. Much to my surprise, I found myself in tears.
The Nat Gold Players, the students from Highlands University and students from UWC were excellent in their performances.
The extraordinary writings of those children living in a war zone, watching relatives die, bombs all around them, not having food and/or shelter, made me weep.
I found the issue of children with no childhood, and the conditions one must live with in war, appalling!
War is a horror against humanity and I found myself connecting with all peoples living under these circumstances.
I applaud the writers, the actors and UWC for presenting The Gaza Monologues.
Thank you for an enlightening and moving experience.
Carole Silon
Las Vegas