Garbage piles up in some areas

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By David Giuliani

Garbage is piling up for some residents, especially for those who didn’t see the notice that trash pickup schedules had changed.

Mary Martinez, who lives on El Creston Circle, said trash was bursting out of residents’ rollout containers. She said she and others didn’t see the city notice that instead of picking up trash on Monday, which was Christmas Eve, solid waste crews were to come by the previous Friday.

With the holiday city schedule, residents would go without trash pickup for 10 days, rather than the usual week. Residents like Martinez may go for two weeks without pickup.

“We don’t know what to do with our trash,” Martinez said. “Our trash is still out there. We’ll put it on the sidewalk. If it flies, let it.”

Irene Archuleta, who works in the solid waste department, said the city notified residents through the newspaper and by radio of the holiday schedule. She said crews are going on extra runs when time permits in areas where it appears as if trash is piling up.