Friends host annual meeting

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The third annual raffle drawing for the Friends of the City of Las Vegas Museum took place on Feb. 24 at the Museum. The drawing was held in conjunction with the Friends’ public Annual Meeting.  

Margaret Vazquez-Geffroy and Patrick Alarid, were re-elected to the Friends Board and the past year’s Friends and Museum activities were reported.

The audience enjoyed two short Tom Mix silent films, “Stage Coach Driver and a Girl” (1915) and “An Angelic Attitude” (1916), both with the creative accompaniment by Em Krall on the Las Vegas Duncan Opera House square grand piano.  

The raffle was held to benefit the Friends endowment fund first established in November 2008 with $5,000 seed money from the Friends of the Museum. Since then, the invested fund has grown from raffle fundraisers, special donations, and capital gains, interest and dividends. When the fund reaches its set goal of $100,000 in New Mexico Centennial Year, 2012, the income generated may be withdrawn only for the purposes of assisting the City Museum, and not Friends operations. The funds remain the property of the Friends of the Museum and not the City of Las Vegas.

Income from the sale of 500 tickets was $9,160.00, plus an additional $405.00 in donations, for a total of $9,565 added to the current fund balance of about $60,000.

The funds are invested with and managed by the New Mexico Community Foundation, a “statewide endowment-building and grant-making organization that serves and invests in New Mexico communities and their greatest asset….people.”

The 15 raffle prize donors and winners are: 1st - $1,000 CD at 5% for 5 years, Bank of Las Vegas — Adobe Partners LAC (Adobe Partners awarded the CD to the Friends); 2nd - $750 cash from special donations  – Rosa Dot;  3rd - $500 cash from special donations – Dick Greene; 4th - $350 Holiday Inn Presidential Suite Certificate – Lillian Lester; 5th - $350 Super 8 Motel Certificate – Suzanne Sundt; 6th - $250 cash from State Farm Agent, Rosemarie Montoya - Larry and Nedra Gordon; 7th - $160 Plaza Hotel Suite – Barbara Remenyik; 8th - $150 Gordon Jewelers Certificate – Evelyn Juarros; 9th - $100 Charlie’s Spic ‘n Span Certificate – John Maroney; 10th - $100 Charlie’s Spic ‘n Span Certificate – Ginny Gable; 11th - $50 Dick’s Deli Gift Basket – Jay Siskin; 12th - $50 Tito’s Gallery Certificate – Larry and Nedra Gordon; 13th - $50 Pam’s Flowers Certificate – Wayne Ueckert; 14th - $25 Traveler’s Café Certificate – Lucille Van Horn; 15th - $20 Estellas Café Certificate – Gabriel Alarid.