A friendly appeal

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By The Staff

This letter is in reference to our neighborhood in the Blue Ridge sub-division. It concerns the litter problem that we are facing, and I am afraid that it will get worse before it gets better if we don’t take charge of it and soon.

We all know that dumps create gases, rats and mice that are and can be deadly, and can produce a wave of illnesses. I am most concerned about the children who will inherit all of it in the years to come.

My husband and I have been up here for 10 years and have always kept it as clean as we possibly could, but our health does not permit us to do much of it any longer. If we all bond together and can take a few minutes of our busy schedules to pick up, we can still proudly live in one of the most beautiful places in the Las Vegas area.

And speaking of picking up that includes and mostly the run off. Since there is a lot of wind in this area it is important to cover the trash in order that it does not blow into other peoples property. I see beer bottles, cans, dog food bags, and plastic bags, and fast-food containers all over the road. I don’t understand why, when it is so much better for all of us to put the garbage in a bag and dispose of it properly.

And then there is the question of the value of the properties. We are all in it together. It would be much harder to sell if we should choose to do so. We would not like to take a cut in price because of the litter conditions up here and I am sure no one else would either.

We take pride in our homes but that also includes our yards, and surroundings. Please, friends, let’s leave the children something that they too will be proud of and will also follow the same rule handed down by their parents for clean living — and something they can also hand down to their children with pride.

Charlotte Gonzales

Las Vegas