Freshmen wear graduation garb

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By Don Pace

Taking photographs in cap and gown is a ritual traditionally reserved for seniors.

Not anymore.

Eddie King, Robertson High School’s assistant principal, said it was a good idea for freshmen at the school to envision themselves graduating from high school in May 2012.

“I first learned about the idea at a High Schools That Work conference I attended in Nashville this summer,” King said. “This project is an outgrowth of what many high schools are doing across the country in an effort to improve graduation rates.”

King said Robertson is in its first year of the Freshmen Academy concept, which was created to provide specialized attention to freshmen to ease their transition from middle school to high school.

“Undoubtedly, the freshmen year is one of those transition times that can be scary, intimidating and fraught with uncertainty,” King said. “Our Freshmen Academy is designed to lessen those fears and to make the freshman year a fun, challenging and rewarding one. We will continue to explore every available avenue to motivate our students to finish high school and get their diplomas. It is our hope that students who experience success as freshmen will continue to experience success throughout their high school career and into adulthood,” King said.

King said the pictures of students in the class of 2012 in their cap and gown will be displayed at the main entrance of the Freshmen Academy alongside the slogan, “No Cardinal Left Behind.”