Fly on, Air Force, for safety, freedom

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According to Tom McDonald’s (Oct. 14 column), local “lefties” are too busy protesting low-flying aircraft to organize an Occupy Las Vegas event.

I think the present economic and political climate is much more dangerous than the few military jets that might grace our skies.

Yes, I said “grace.” I am about as much a screaming liberal as can be found, but I have a different way of looking at Air Force planes.

I’m old enough to remember Korea, Vietnam, and the whole Cold War mess. I lived through air raid drills and the fear of the Bomb.

I especially remember a day in the early 1960s when Russian missiles with atomic warheads were found aimed at us from Cuba. President Kennedy placed the nation on Red Alert. We were a heartbeat away from nuclear war.

From our Arizona home I watched my Airman husband leave Luke Air Force Base to go to Florida on temporary assignment, and didn’t know if he would ever return. We were all so frightened.

Then a wonderful thing happened. As was prescribed for a Red Alert, America’s hundreds of Strategic Air Command bombers were scrambled and sent skyward. There they could not be destroyed by Russian missiles, and there they were poised to engage the enemy if necessary.

As dozens of the huge aircraft left Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz., and flew over our heads, people rushed out into the streets, looked up, and cheered. Talk about noise! The magnificent planes rattled our windows with the rumble of their mighty engines.

None of us minded. It was the sound of our safety and our freedom.

The enemy heard the Peacekeepers too, and backed down. Fly on, United States Air Force. Our nation needs you!

Bobbi Dugan
Las Vegas