Feldman’s remarks lacked compassion

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Feldman’s remarks lacked compassion

After fighting with myself for a couple of weeks, I decided to rebut what Councilman Andrew Feldman suggested in one of the council meetings about finding a temporary replacement for Councilman David Romero, who is out sick.

Councilman Feldman showed no compassion whatsoever for his fellow councilman. Let’s just hope that nothing like this happens to him (Feldman) or his family. We are very fortunate to have at last one council member who does have compassion for Councilman Romero and is willing to speak on his behalf. Thank you, Tonita Gurule-Giron.

David Romero is a personal friend of mine. I thought that when you were elected to the council that it was to serve the city of Las Vegas in general, not simply just one ward.

I know for a fact that Mr. Romero was getting calls from people in other wards, not only his ward and was helping everyone
If Councilman Feldman is worried about Ward 4 not being represented, he should step up and help.

My question for Feldman: Do you think that Ward 3 is being represented? We’ll find out in about 17 months.

(Eloy Gonzales is one of the original members of the Committee for the People; others were Amos Estrada, Pete Ortega and Leith Johnson.)

Eloy Gonzales
Las Vegas