Fear-mongers are wrong on fracking

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Just like with fracking, some years ago there was a similar hue and cry about the Forest Service’s thinning of the upper Gallinas Watershed. Then, like now with oil and gas development, the fear-mongers will be proven wrong.

Back then they predicted soil and water pollution from chain saw bar oil, destruction of roads in the canyon, poisonous air, devastation of fish and wildlife, and so on and so forth. It was going to be just terrible. But, not surprisingly, these things haven’t happened. And the reason they haven’t is because their predictions were not expressions of science, but rather an impractical ideology masked as environmentalism.

All the bad things that “could” happen, like the litany described by my friend Bob Wessley a few weeks ago, won’t. Yes, these things “could” happen, but the Lobos “could” have won the NCAA Tournament, and Steve Alford “could” have stayed at UNM, but neither DID happen. I noted in Bob’s column that he attached no probability to these horrible eventualities, and he didn’t source his reference to a New Mexico report regarding water contamination from wells.

Why, because facts always undermine opinions based on fear.

As with thinning our forests, the ideologically driven will be proven wrong again. But we know that won’t matter. They will continue to worship their hollow gospel regardless of reliable objective data to support their position. They know fear sells, but unfortunately for them, truth will prevail.

Frank Splendoria