Fear keeps sex abuse victims quiet

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What happens to the mind of a child, when that child is violated in a sexual way by family? Do you know? Have you felt the pain of isolation, of shame, of forbidden secrets?

It’s almost a no-win situation, because there is public opinion, and that’s as hard to deal with as family and former friends, with ignorant comments uttered behind one’s back like: “It’s all lies, the victims are to blame,” or “why didn’t they report this when it first happened?”

Well I will tell you why: because the shame and fear can be so overwhelming that to speak out can be impossible for years. I know because I am a survivor of child sexual abuse too, when I was 5, and didn’t tell a soul until I was 35.

To the businesses that stood in support of Edward Quintana: If you find out years later that your own children were molested, try not to be alarmed. It happens more frequently than people realize. To the judge who gave three years probation, and second judge who gave three years in prison but allows Mr. Quintana until Sept. 7, 2013, to go to jail: very interesting. He will likely be out in a year and a half or less and likely do time in protective custody, for his own safety, because it’s common knowledge that real criminals despise child molesters.

To the victims: You are the real heroes. You have broken ground. You have spoken and stood while many still remain in silence. Thank you for your service for without your voice other children could have been hurt too...

To date there is no known treatment for molesters, and many of them were also victims as children.

Susan Stone Salas
Las Vegas