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By Raven Romero

Theres something about thunder that excites me. It reminds me of when I was little and I used to scream at every loud boom and hide under the table. Or of when my family would be driving somewhere and I would count the seconds between each flash of lightning, to figure out how close it was.

In elementary school I learned that if your car got struck by lightning while you were in it, someone had to throw a metal pole of some sort that would touch the ground and your vehicle at the same time. Those are one of the safety tips Ive never forgotten and probably never will. Maybe itll come in handy some day.

The excitement that I feel with storms is also a fear. I have tons of fears. There are the big things, like car accidents and plane crashes. Ive been on planes countless times and my heart still pounds like a steamroller every time I take off and land. Not to mention turbulence. I dont even want to talk about that.

And of course there are the small fears. When Im going somewhere at night, I always jump into my car as fast as I can and lock the doors. I also turn around and do a once-over to make sure someone isnt hiding in the shadowy back seat.

Im scared of getting out of my car when Im alone. Im scared that there are skunks hiding on my back porch when I go home. Im even scared that Im going to find bugs and hair in my food. The hair part isnt all too uncommon, considering that its usually mine.

At the same time, fear can be exciting. Theres nothing like going on a roller-coaster for the first time (or even the 20th time). Trying new foods, asking someone out on a date, and even running bring out the fearful rush of adrenaline. Its a good feeling.

Am I overly paranoid? Yeah. I think so. I dont know if the saying its better to be safe than sorry really is better. I dont know if living on the edge and in the moment is worth it.

I guess the thing about fear is that its always going to be there. As humans, we worry about everything, watch too many movies, and fear the worst. But either way, we find a way to make it by and hopefully dont drive ourselves to insanity.