Family connections are all around

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I’m wondering why the Taxpayers For Honest Government went missing in action after I left office. They filed a complaint with District Court to have me recalled just two months before my term (as Mora County commissioner) was up because they claimed that I was guilty of nepotism. Why pick on me only? If you bother to look around, there are relatives of board members at the courthouse and the school. Las Vegas and Mora are small and everyone is related.

I was upset to see that an individual, or more than one person, is picking on the Alcon family.

Why don’t they mention Peter Martinez, he is running for the Luna Board, and his wife has been employed with Luna Community College as long as I can remember.

Although Peter’s wife and both the Alcons running for the board have done a good job, everyone is entitled to run. But if you are going to talk about nepotism, you better be fair and include everyone. Don’t pick on certain people like you did with me.

And yes, the Regensbergs that have been involved in politics are well educated and qualified, as are the Alcons.

Rosalie Regensberg