Equal, with minds of our own

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I read the rebuttal to Tom McDonald’s July 4 editorial. I personally feel that Mr. McDonald runs a good newspaper, and that he is very fair. Mr. McDonald has the same right as all of us to express our freedom of speech. He only writes what is his opinion, and what he thinks.

The old people had a saying, “Cada cabeza es un mundo.” In other words, we are all created equal, but each of us has a mind of our own, and what we write does not need to be taken as gospel truth by the readers, because I’m sure there will always be someone out there who will not agree with what we write and they have the right to rebuttal and express their opinions.

I feel that Mr. Larry Hill was a little harsh in his judgement of Mr. McDonald’s article in his rebuttal published Aug. 1. I feel that the fact that Mr. McDonald is a white man has nothing to do with how he feels. He has no control on the actions of our forefathers or of other people today, who have gone against the word of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Despite all the negative things that happen in our country, there is still a lot of good, and the positive outdoes the negative.

The only explanation I have for our writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (because I do agree with some of the statements made by Mr. Larry Hill in his rebuttal) is that it’s just like it’s been throughout the ages, hardly anyone practices what they preach.

We have good positive thinkers and doers in every race, gender, and religious belief, and we will always have negative thinkers also. But to single out a white man to judge so harshly, is not in my books.

Our creator, just like a good mother, loves all of us, and I don’t think Mr. McDonald’s perception comes from a different world than the one in which the community lives. He was merely expressing his opinion, which he has a right to do because of his freedom of speech. I believe he of all people understands the community very well.

Rosalie Regensberg