Enjoyed Bean Day celebration

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My 6-year-old granddaughter attended Bean Day in Wagon Mound for the first time. She goes to church with me so we were both impressed with the float that had a giant image of our Lady of Guadalupe on it adorned with roses. The Mariachis looked so handsome all dressed in black and their music was very relaxing.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is my favorite next to her son Jesus. She is so very miraculous; I owe her a lot. The way things are in today’s world, prayer is the only answer. Prayer is more powerful than the atomic bomb. Some people think that we adore the blessed mother. We do not adore her. She is our advocate, for who can be closer to a son than his mother. I’m sure our lord loves it when we honor his mother. His holy hands and blessings were there with the crowds.

It was good also to see our U.S Sen. Tom Udall, who I have known for a long, long time. He is one politician who has really worked to help the people of New Mexico. We need to keep him in office.

Mary Bunker (the nurse practitioner) who took care of all of us for years was there too.

All in all it was a very nice Bean Day celebration. The music was lively, the food delicious, the people just as kind and friendly as ever, and the children enjoyed the cotton candy. But especially the Sernas’ pony rides. Special thanks to everyone who worked and helped to make Labor Day so refreshing to the soul.

Rosalie Regensberg