Elementary students take part in field day

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By Don Pace

Boys and girls from the Las Vegas City elementary schools gathered at the Memorial Middle School football field Friday to compete in a flag football tournament for fourth- and fifth-graders.

Athletic director Mike Yara said the kids have been practicing during their physical education classes every Friday for the past month to get ready for the tournament.

“We’ve got boys and girls categories, so we’re in for a full day of fun,” Yara said.

Legion Park fifth-grader Alexis DeVries was one of the hundreds of students taking part in the competition.

“It’s intramural day, and we’ve been practicing during PE, and it’s fun because we are all having fun and not doing school work.”

Amos Rivera, a fourth-grader from Los Nios, had just helped his team win a preliminary match by scoring two touchdowns in the game.

“I’ve had a lot of fun scoring touchdowns,” he said with a grin and pats on the back from his teammates.

Many parents like Charlene Flores were out to support their kids.

“I’m here to support Legion Park. My daughter Marissa Herrera and her team just won a game. It’s all about fun and the kids are having a great day. It’s also very organized and safe for the kids; no one’s getting hurt.”

The students were certainly having fun, but it was also a fun day for all the district coaches.

Robertson High School assistant coach John Roanhaus put it in perspective.

“This is a blast. It’s nice to coach without the stress involved in winning and losing. Watching the kids have fun makes it a lot more fun for us.”