Educators, others taking big hits

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OK! The Las Vegas City Schools district is raising our property taxes 30 percent because of their error; our mayor wants to raise our water taxes 500 percent, supposedly over the next 20 years. Please, correct me if I am wrong. If you’re an educator, the legislature just increased the amount of your retirement contribution, meaning less take-home pay (during) a recession with gas and food prices going up and up; just to name a couple of examples of cost-of-living increases.

Educators haven’t had a raise in the last three years or more  and don’t see any raises coming in the near future. Is there something wrong with this picture? Where are we supposed to come up with this money? The last money tree I saw was at a wedding. Common sense says there isn’t. Oh, but this kind of common sense gets overlooked.

Victor L. Sanchez
Las Vegas