Editorial: Water funding vulnerable

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By The Staff

Every government entity in the state is vulnerable to statewide budget cuts for building projects. The city of Las Vegas is no exception.

The budget ax may well strike the $1.3 million designated for a rebuilding of the city’s dam on the Gallinas River, a project designed to make the diversion of water more efficient.

The loss of this money would be a bit blow to the city’s top priority — increasing the city’s water supplies and storage capacity. What makes matters worse is the uncertainty over another $1.2 million in state funds. The purpose of that funding was for a down payment for improvements to the canal system of the Storrie Project Water Users Association in exchange for more storage of city water in Storrie Lake. But when the city decided to change the purpose of that money to sewer and effluent lines along Eighth Street, the state board that controls the funding decided to pull it.

Since then, city officials say they have received signs that the community may get the $1.2 million after all. They may be right, but nothing is certain, especially with the state’s budget crisis.

City Manager Timothy Dodge said that if the state decided to pull the funding for the dam, local officials will try to get a piece of federal stimulus funding for the project. Here’s hoping that works.