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By The Staff

Thumbs DOWN for ... SOME PEOPLE STILL DON’T GET IT. There’s a large bank of handicapped-parking signs in front of the city’s recreation center and there’s often a car or two parked there illegally. That’s an indication that people often get away with it. And though the drivers predictably claim, “I was parked there just for a second,” the reality is usually much longer.

Handicapped-parking spaces are for people who need them, not for people who don’t want to walk a few extra steps. Have a little respect for a good law, will you?

Thumbs UP for ... GOTCHA. The point made above is why it was encouraging to see an city police officer ticketing a couple of illegally parked cars over the weekend. Serves ‘em right.

Thumbs DOWN for ... LOOKING FOR WAY TO CUT COSTS. The West Las Vegas Schools district is looking at ways to cut expenses, including possible wage and salary cuts. East is also facing some financial hardships as well, and some hard decisions are going to have to be made.

Of course, there’s one long-range cost-savings option that won’t be considered — the administrative consolidation of Las Vegas’ two school districts. We’re more likely to see cuts in the classroom. And just why is that again?

Thumbs UP for ... BIGGER EVERY YEAR. A dozen years ago, Luna Community College invited juniors and seniors from Las Vegas-area high schools to see what the college offered, and the next year, Highlands University joined in on the event. And every year since then, College Night has grown. This year was no exception.

The event has grown into a good way for high school students to learn more about how to make it in college. We’re glad so many young people are taking part.

Thumbs UP for ... NOW THAT’S A SNOW. It started on Wednesday morning here in town and lasted into the evening, so that by the time the sun rose on Thursday we had nearly a foot — more in some areas. And, aside from the hassles, it was a beautiful snowfall at that.

Here’s to a more luscious spring to come.

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“No offense, but it shouldn’t always be a politician.”

— Highlands University President Jim Fries, telling regents that he’d like to get a national figure such as Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to give the keynote address at the school’s graduation ceremony this year.