Editorial Thumbs

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By The Staff

Thumbs UP for ... A GOOD MOVE ... Highlands University regents passed a policy regarding the naming of buildings on campus. Wisely, it excludes current employees or politicians while in office.

Thumbs DOWN for ... A MOVE THAT COMES UP SHORT. However, Highlands property can still be named after sitting regents — a provision that we wish had also been prohibited. Best to take politics completely out of the naming of facilities, we think.

Thumbs DOWN for ... BUDGET CUTS. Some of it has been reported already, a lot circulates through the rumor mill, and a lot must be in the works behind closed doors, while this much is certain: With the New Mexico budget cutbacks comes some tough decisions for education and other state-funded agencies in Las Vegas — and we’re just beginning to fill the effects.

It’s especially difficult to fathom, considering the retail signs of recovery that have been under way for some time now. Here’s hoping that anyone who loses their government job will be able to find work in the private sector.

Thumbs UP for ... NEW LIFE FOR THE RIVER. The state plans to restock the Gallinas River in Las Vegas next week, according to Chris Cudia of the state Environment Department. He said the Game and Fish Department will put an estimated 300 to 400 trout into the river, as it did a year ago.

That’s great, and we appreciate the addition to the riverwalk habitat. But what about McAllister Lake? Are we ever going to see it brought back to life?

Thumbs DOWN for ... A CATASTROPHE. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill may indeed be an environmental disaster of unprecedented proportions. Is anyone still saying “drill baby drill”?

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“I’ll still be a starving artist ... but I’ll be a contented artist.” — San Jose Paul Mathews, who won $502,000 prize from the New Mexico Lottery last week, after purchasing the ticket from the Pecos River Station. He also said that after buying a used car, he plans to give the rest of his prize to children and grandchildren.