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By The Staff

Thumbs UP for ... LOUD AND CLEAR. Members of the Mora-San Miguel Electric Co-op rejected nearly all of the 18 proposed changes to its organizational bylaws last weekend, and we want to applaud the membership for one big decision in particular. Requiring the utility to follow the state’s open meetings and open records laws is critical for the co-op’s credibility.

Just a couple of years ago, the utility’s membership was highly suspicious of its board’s self-serving intentions and forced reforms into place. To close off meetings and records would only go to restore those suspicions, and rightfully so. Transparency is a necessity for such an organization and we’re glad, though not surprised, that the utility’s membership knew that.


Thumbs UP for ... FAIR MOVE. The San Miguel County Commission decided this week to change the composition of its oil and gas task force after some citizens leveled criticism that it was tilted toward industry interests rather then the public’s interests. County officials said they wanted to change the 10-member task force’s makeup after receiving disclosure forms from the applicants.

It’s for the best; the task force must look balanced before anyone will believe it is fair to all sides. And as for Commissioner David Salazar’s insistence that the work of the task force will be in public, we’re glad to hear it — and will keep a close eye on the process just to make sure that’s true.

Thumbs DOWN for ... OLD HABITS DIE HARD. Police say they had to spike the roadway to catch Michael Benavidez, 49, of Las Vegas, and charge him with his 10th DWI. Yes, his 10th.

So how much longer, Mr. Benavidez, do you think you can go before you kill someone? Or yourself? Please, stop.

Thumbs UP for ... FIESTAS TIME! For the 122nd year in a row, Las Vegas will throw the party of parties at the Plaza this weekend. So grab your lawn chairs for the best seat in the park, stick a few bucks in your pocket (‘cause you know you’ll have to visit a vendor or two) and enjoy and sights and sounds of an authentic good time.

Throughout the holiday weekend, there will be music and dance on the center stage, the annual fishing derby at Harris Lake, the mass and coronation at Our Lady of Sorrows Church, the Baile de las Reinas at El Rialto, the Saturday morning parade, the Sunday morning run, a veterans presentation and evening street dances. You can find the schedules of events and entertainers in the Fiesta Guide all over town (and at the fiesta itself), to help you prepare to be at the events of your choosing.

And of course, find a good spot on Sunday night to watch the city’s Fourth of July fireworks display — always an impressive show over Highlands’ golf course.

So enjoy the fiestas and your Independence Day weekend, and be thankful for the country and the culture that makes it all real.

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“This shows the state we’re trying to help ourselves.”

— Las Vegas Councilman Andrew Feldman, on the 3-2 council decision to take the first step toward increasing the city’s sales tax by 25 cents for for $100 in purchases, with food and medicine exempted. A public hearing the matter will follow.