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By The Staff

thumb DOWN for ...AN INNOCENT VICTIM. We’re always dismayed when we hear about a dog attack. It’s even worse when the victim is a 74-year-old man in a wheelchair. Recently, Jose Gurule was reportedly knocked down to the ground as a neighbor’s canine attacked him.

The police are looking into whether they should charge the owner criminally. If officers establish the elements of a crime, they should charge. Owners need to be held accountable when their dogs attack innocent victims.

thumb UP for ... CAPTURED. Kudos to good police work by police Sgt. Martin Salazar. Recently, he spotted a car that fit the description of one containing two men accused of sex crimes. When Salazar stopped them on Fifth Street, he discovered that they were the 24-year-olds from Nebraska who were charged with tying up two teenage girls and sexually assaulting them for days.

We’re glad a local officer stopped these two men in their tracks — before they could hurt anyone here in Las Vegas.

thumb UP for ... LISTENING TO THE PUBLIC. The West Las Vegas school board held a public meeting to hear the concerns of parents. This was entirely the board’s idea, and its members should be credited for its public spiritedness.

thumb DOWN for ... THE DOWNSIDE. Unfortunately, the West board spent a good part of its public meeting arguing about what type of input to accept. The members could have decided on the procedures at a regular meeting, instead of taking the time of citizens who wanted to make their views known during the special forum.

thumb UP for ... NOT DODGING THE ISSUE. City Manager Timothy Dodge is examining options for improving the solid waste department. And that includes privatization.

We admire Dodge for his courage in looking at this issue. Traditionally, most local politicians consider privatizing solid waste akin to political suicide. At the same time, no one seems to have a problem with contracting the local ambulance service to a private company — and that involves life and death.

To be sure, Dodge said he would want any contract with a private company to take into account the existing workers. Ultimately, however, the best interests of the community need to come first. We’re glad Dodge is looking at the big picture.

thumb UP for ... IMPROVING THE PROCESS. At last week’s City Council meeting, Pat Leahan of the Peace and Justice Center said the police were working to make citizen complaint forms at places other than the police station.

That’s a good idea. It can be intimidating for someone to file a grievance against an officer at that officer’s workplace.

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“We are a team, not a one-man show.” — City Councilman Andrew Feldman, on the city’s practice of running advertisements that repeatedly feature Mayor Tony Marquez’s name.