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By The Staff

Thumbs UP for ... WALL-TO-WALL EVENTS. Never say there’s nothing to do in Las Vegas, or else we’ll have to pull out the calendar of events and prove you wrong. This weekend, for example, there’s a fishing derby on the Gallinas River, just off Bridge Street, for the benefit of our local Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and a Harvest Festival less than a mile to the east, at Sixth and University.

The fishing derby is from 8 a.m. to noon, and the Harvest Festival is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., so it’s very possible to catch both of these family friendly events. A great day to take a kid to both. We’ll bet on the weather being beautiful, too — but even if it isn’t, they’re sure to be fun. So get out and enjoy the opportunities.

Thumbs DOWN for ... A BIG MISTAKE. Maybe County Treasurer Alfonso Ortiz isn’t inclined to lay the blame on anyone, but the public needs to know how an “error” as costly as this for taxpayers could have occurred. Because of a mistake last year, this year’s east-side property taxes will go up by nearly 30 percent on Nov. 1. It appears that someone connected to the City Schools district undercharged property owners last year, so this year, a much bigger bill is coming due.

Somebody needs to be held accountable for this. A thorough explanation is in order.

Thumbs DOWN f or ... GOING WAY TOO FAR. Last week at least three Robertson High School students and a non-student vandalized the truck of a West student who decided to show up for the Cardinals’ pep rally. They allegedly kicked the pickup and the non-student slashed the tires.

We’re tired of the East-West rivalry getting out of hand. A little friendly competition is one thing, but criminal vandalism is just too much. Perhaps if parents would teach their kids that we’re all part of the same community — at least in theory — that would help.

Thumbs DOWN for ... MOVING FORWARD, FALLING BACK. Fiesta Council members said at their meeting this week that they want to move beyond the issues that have bogged them down since the Fiestas de Las Vegas in July, but then they promptly embarrassed themselves by spending the bulk of the meeting complaining about their young former reina for not jumping through all their hoops, the city for not providing them with information needed to justify the council’s mistakes, and this newspaper for, well, doing our job.

If they’re really interested in moving forward, they need to first admit to past mistakes. Then maybe the community could again embrace their noble efforts to put on great fiestas.

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“I have mixed emotions about leaving. However, this move brings my wife and I closer to family, including our grandchildren.”

— Alta Vista Regional Hospital CEO Richard Grogan, in the announcement that he is leaving the hospital’s top administrative post for a job in Philadelphia.