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By The Staff

thumb DOWN for ... A SECRET TRUTH? Roberta Vigil, the former head of West Las Vegas’ bilingual trial, got her day in court when the state charged her with fraudulently spending public money. She was represented by one of New Mexico’s best attorneys, Sam Bregman. After a week-long trial earlier this year, the jury found her guilty. That’s the way the system works.

This week, however, her father, Robert Gallegos, defended his daughter, as dads tend to do. In so doing, Gallegos argued that the truth about the whole matter hasn’t come out, suggesting that such information would vindicate his daughter. Yet he wouldn’t say what it was. Apparently, his statement was at the approval of Vigil herself.

If there was some truth that would have put this case in a different light, Vigil and her attorney should have brought it out at trial. They had the opportunity to do so.

thumb UP for ... A PUSH FOR OPENNESS. West Las Vegas school board member Dave Romero is pushing for his district to put its budget online. West officials say there is nothing that should keep the district from putting such information online.

Few government entities have put their financial information online, even though we’re more than 15 years into the Internet age. We hope West followed through and puts its budget on the district’s web site. And they may encourage other local entities to do the same.

thumb DOWN for ... VACANT AGAIN. The city’s finance director, Abran Romero, has resigned after more than 10 months on the job. He has been hired as the new general manager of the Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative, which serves rural areas in northeastern New Mexico.

We wish Romero well in his new position. However, it’s disappointing to see the finance director’s position vacant once again. This is a position in which continuity is important.

When the Las Vegas City Council fired the former finance director in June 2008, the city left the position vacant for more than a half year — which caused problems in city government. This time, we hope the city works diligently to find a replacement.

thumb DOWN for ... A WORRISOME PROBLEM. The Las Vegas City Schools has revealed that problems with Robertson High School’s boiler may lead to an explosion. The district is planning repairs; we hope they’re done as quickly as possible.

thumb UP for ... MOTHER NATURE HELPING. We had some rain this week, and the city’s reservoirs are up to 83 percent of capacity. That’s good news, but we’re still hoping for more precipitation.

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“This dead horse is starting to smell.”

— Morris Madrid, a city councilman, reacting to an audit report on an $81,000 credit to Luna Community College