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By The Staff

UP thumb ... TWO NEW FACES. Congratulations to the winners of the East and West school board elections — Elaine Luna, Gabe Lucero on the east side and Christine Ludi and David Romero on the west side. Lucero defeated incumbent Philip Leger and former mayor Matt Martinez to become the City Schools district’s newest board member, while David Romero won the open seat being vacated by Ralph Garcia, who chose not to seek re-election. Luna and Ludi retained their positions in re-election bids.

In Mora, both incumbents seeking re-election were ousted, with Arthur Romero defeating Ronald Duran and Joseph Griego besting incumbent Robert Romero and challenger Nesto Cruz Casados to win seats on the board.

School board elections are more important than we sometimes credit them to be, but the turnout was decent, comparatively speaking, and the voters’ voices were heard. Best of luck to all the winners: You’re facing many challenges in the year ahead.

DOWN thumb ... RUNOFFS, ANYONE? Of the six races mentioned above, the majority prevailed in four of them. The other two races were decided with a plurality, not a majority. Wouldn’t it be nice if the majority vote always decided our elections?

Of course, that won’t happen until we take action to create a runoff system, and even though a reasonable solution has been presented to us — instant runoff voting — we’ve still not mustered up the political determination to make it happen.

UP thumb ... TAKING ACTION. On Thursday, Superintendent Rick Romero disclosed that allegations of sexual harassment and sexual abuse are at the heart of his decisions to place the Robertson High School principal and a teacher on leave. He also said he has referred the cases to the Las Vegas Police Department, which will investigate the cases independently.

We appreciate these disclosures. Some of the mitote has it that Romero will cover these incidents up, but apparently that’s not going to be the case. We applaud the actions he’s taken. Allegations of sexual misconduct, especially in our schools, must be taken seriously.

DOWN thumb ... TRASHED. The scenic beauty is impressive at the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge — until, of course, you come upon a big-screen television dumped along the side of the road.

We sure hope the culprit is caught. We’d wouldn’t even mind running his or her picture in the paper, to show the world just what someone with no respect for the environment, or our community, looks like.

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“I have been trying to see if we can work out a deal so as to give defendant Reyes credit for the time that he has already served and allow his release ...  I’m doing what I can to expedite this matter.”

— District Attorney Richard Flores, regarding Gilberto Reyes’ case. Reyes has been in the San Miguel County jail, awaiting trial on marijuana smuggling charges, for 405 days.