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By The Staff

thumb DOWN to ... A CORPORATE RESPONSE. Last week, advocates for the union representing employees at Alta Vista Regional Hospital went to the administration office and presented a proclamation asking that the hospital negotiate with the employees. They took their message right to the hospital’s administrator, Richard Grogan.

They brought along a mop as a symbol of their desire to see a cleanup at the hospital’s parent company’s Tennessee headquarters and a chair to reflect the need for the hospital to sit down with the union.

Grogan refused the proclamation and the other items. We can understand why Grogan didn’t accept the props, but we wish he had taken the proclamation. Referring the matter instead to the hospital’s corporate attorneys was unnecessary.

thumb DOWN to ... NO HOSPITAL HARDBALL. At the same time, Grogan could have been a lot tougher on the union advocates, but he didn’t. Rather than telling them to get off hospital property, he talked with them and let them finish their protest. Alta Vista officials deserve credit for not calling police to stop a quick union march on hospital grounds.

thumb UP to ... PROMOTING  EQUAL  ACCESS. Local legal eagles recently held seminars to help those who can’t afford attorneys to navigate the complexities of our courts. It can be intimidating dealing with the courts, going through security and then talking with clerks through glass windows. We applaud any efforts to ease this process.

thumb UP to ... TAX HIKES NEEDED. Gov. Bill Richardson said tax increases are on the table for next year’s legislative session. That’s just recognizing reality, given huge shortfalls in state government. When Richardson took office seven years ago, he helped enact tax increases for New Mexicans. If the Legislature raises taxes next year, the rich should be the first to see their bills increase.

thumb DOWN to ... TOO MUCH MISBEHAVIOR. Here’s a disturbing sample of what’s going on in Las Vegas these days, taken exclusively from the front page of Wednesday’s Optic:

• A former Robertson High School teacher, Jay Quintana, was arrested for having sex with a teenage student for years as she was growing up. The details behind the allegations are horrible, and yet there seems to be people out there who want to downplay his alleged misdeeds.

• Two Robertson High School football coaches have been suspended because of an alleged altercation at a local restaurant. It seems that RHS can’t get a break these days.

• Michael Vigal, one of the brothers accused in the murder of a couple in December 2007, may have boasted in terrible detail about shooting Stephanie Dimas “between the eyes” in December 2007. In a preliminary hearing, a witness testified to his bragging about shooting her again and again because “she was still moving.”

Of course, that’s just one day’s worth of reporting, but there’s plenty more where that came from. What’s wrong with some of the people in our town?

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“This has been going on forever.”

— Agnes Padilla, the Mora school district’s business manager, referring to financial practices that have been called into question by State Auditor Hector Balderas.