EDITORIAL: Taking the fifth

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By The Staff

The latest news about the case against Roberta Vigil, former bilingual program coordinator for the West Las Vegas School District, is that her husband, state Rep. Richard Vigil, took the Fifth when questioned by prosecutors working on the case. No great revelation there, since witnesses in a previous hearing testified that he was a party to the criminal activity she is accused of having committed.

Roberta Vigil’s attorney called prosecutors’ attempt to get information from her husband a “witch hunt.” But it’s no surprise they would be trying to build a stronger case — Mrs. Vigil is charged with some serious crimes, and testimony begs the question as to how much of a role in her alleged misdeeds Rep. Vigil played.

Last summer a jury acquitted Vigil and her former assistant, Beverly Ortega, of charges that they conspired to cheat on professional testing. The state Public Education Department, however, revoked her teaching license after determining that Vigil misspent more than $200,000 in public funds and falsified bilingual student counts.

The most serious felony charges are still out there, so it’s no wonder Rep. Vigil would be refusing to divulge what he knows. Still, it’s unfortunate, since he’s not just her husband, he’s also a state representative who secured much of the money in question.