EDITORIAL: Take that, taggers

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By The Staff

Thanks to West Las Vegas’ architect, the community has scored a win over taggers. A crew recently completed a wall during the renovation of Don Cecilio Martinez Elementary School, but the architect, Antonio Ortega, figured the wall was an open invitation to vandals. So he ordered a special anti-graffiti spray, and the crew applied it.

As sure as a politician finds a camera, taggers struck the Don Cecilio wall. But it didn’t take much to clean up the mess.

“We just hosed it off, as opposed to dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars that we would have had to spend to go back and remove the graffiti the old-fashioned way,” Ortega said. “It was an investment that was well worth the district’s consideration.”

Not surprisingly, West officials are interested in seeing if the spray can be applied to all graffiti-prone surfaces across the school district.

But let’s not stop at that. Hopefully, all governmental entities as well as private businesses can get into the act. The city government, which passed an anti-graffiti ordinance last year, could possibly take the lead and make sure the information about the spray gets around the community. That could help promote a cleaner town.