EDITORIAL: Shouldn't play

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By The Staff

We have no problem with the suspects in the assaults at last year’s Robertson High School football camp trying to get an education. In fact, we encourage that.

Two of the six have pleaded guilty to taking part in the sodomizing of their teammates at the August camp. They were kicked out of Robertson, and their probation agreements bar them from returning to that school.

But it appears as if they can go West Las Vegas High School. While they have to pay their debt to society, they should still need to get an education. It would benefit no one if they didn’t get a chance to earn their diplomas.  

Unfortunately, one of the former players who admitted to the crimes also wants to be a West football player. This is a bad idea.

We hear he’s a good football player, but that doesn’t give him a right to join the West team. He has been convicted of heinous crimes as a Cardinal; he shouldn’t be back on the field as a Don a year later.